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        Can Cats Transmit Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) To Humans?

        Can cats transmit coronavirus?

        The world is currently in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak (renamed COVID-19 World Health Organisation), which was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China on 31st December 2019. The virus originated from Chinese horseshoe bats and jumped species via an intermediate host, thought to be the pangolin – a delicacy in Chinese culture and the world’s most trafficked animal – and from the pangolin to humans.

        COVID-19 produces flu-like symptoms in people, the elderly and people with an underlying medical condition are at the greatest risk.

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        Physical Signs A Cat Is Dying

        Physical signs a cat is dying at a glance

        • Abnormal breathing
        • Decreased heart rate
        • Drop in body temperature
        • Loss of appetite
        • Sleeping more and ultimately loss of consciousness
        • Odours
        • Urinary and/or fecal incontinence
        • Extreme weakness


        The physical process of dying can take months depending on the diagnosis and is divided into two stages.

        • Early or pre-active dying – The weeks leading up to death, this is associated with a terminal illness such as cancer or kidney disease.
        • Active dying?– This process lasts from 3 days to a few hours when the cat’s body begins the physical process of shutting down.

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        Best Cat Breeds For First Time Cat Owners

        White British Shorthair between two blue British Shorthairs

        Best cat breeds for first-time cat owners at a glance

        • Burmese
        • British Shorthair
        • Burmilla
        • Exotic Shor,thair
        • Russian Blue
        • Ragdoll
        • Tonkinese
        • American Shorthair

        Cat breeds come in all shapes, sizes and personality, and pet owners must choose carefully before bringing a new pet into the home. This article looks at cat breeds which are suitable for novice or first-time owners. The criteria I have based these breeds on include overall health, a friendly personality but not too needy and ease of care.

        Included is a star rating for independence, with * meaning they are less independent and **** meaning they are more independent.

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        Male Calico and Tortie Cats: How Does This Happen?

        Reviewed by Dr Sam Kovac – Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic

        How are some male cats calico or tortie?

        Calico and tortie cats are almost always female, which we have covered in our article on calico cats. To recap, cats have 19 chromosome pairs, 18 autosomes and the sex chromosome pair of XX or XY. The chromosomes are located within the nucleus of every cell. Each chromosome is made up of matching pairs, which provides information from the mother and the father. Genes are located on the chromosomes and are tiny segments of DNA which act as a code that specifies the production of a protein, which do most of the work within the cells and are essential for the function and regulation of the body’s organs and tissues.

        Chromosome and DNA

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